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Build connection with authentic images
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Build Connection

Personal branding is about more than a snazzy logo and a fresh headshot.

Your personal brand is an image and emotional response to your skills, values, and personal style, as perceived by the people you interact with, both online and off. Each and every message and image you put out into the world is an opportunity to either elevate or diminish your personal brand.

Whether you want to strengthen current relationships, build your business, make new friends, or connect with influencers for a great cause, having a visible, attractive, and authentic personal brand is key. WHY? Because people are more likely do business with people they know, like, and trust! Revealing more of your personality to your online community builds relationships and makes you more relatable.

Elevate Your Brand

Research show that you have just seconds to make a positive first impression online. Using high quality visual content that clearly conveys your brand stories will ensure that quality and style are things that come to mind when people think of your brand.

Because you are here, I am guessing you already know this, and possibly even spend hours upon hours taking photos and editing them for your social media platforms or searching for stock images to match your brand style.

Save Time

Are you tired of wasting all that time on photos when you could be using it to grow your business or spend time with your family? Are you ready to increase engagement and emotional connection with your audience and stop relying on stock images to tell your stories?

Move Beyond the Selfie

Imagine working with a photographer who will:

        • Take the time to really understand the stories behind your unique brand.
        • Work with you to plan the storytelling details of your session.
        • Capture engaging and authentic images that will grab the attention of your target audience.
        • Prepare 3 months worth of ready to use edited images within one week of your session to use as your personal image library.
        • Provide an Unlimited Commercial Use License that allows you to customize your images to fit your brand style.
        • NOT require you to credit the photographer when you post your images.
What’s A Story?

Stories are the common ground that allow people to connect, despite all our defenses and all our differences.
Kate Forsyth, Author

In personal branding, a story is a visual narrative of one part of your personality, as told through a collection of images. When planning a Story Session, we will choose which of your unique stories you want to tell to inspire, educate, and connect with your audience. The captured photos will set the scene, include a variety of details, and convey emotion to reveal your authentic brand.


Sample Client Gallery

Corinne is a pediatric acupuncturist. She describes her personal brand as playful, present, and enthusiastic. She exudes positivity, compassion, and fun! Corinne’s brand colors are azure, and turquoise with pops of yellow, and her stories include: working with her young clients and educating their families about holistic wellness, preparing herbal supplements and nourishing foods, enjoying the great outdoors and spending with her partner and pup.

What are your stories?
Complete my Personal Brand Questionnaire to reveal your stories and create a simple plan to connect with your audience.

Hello! I’m Jen.

I am a visual storyteller.

As a lifelong creative and keen observer, I utilize photography to help bloggers, entrepreneurs, and influencers connect with their target audience through images.

By choosing to work with a select few entrepreneurs on recurring basis, I get to know their brand on a deeper level and embrace the challenge of providing a steady supply of fresh photos throughout the year with bi-annual or quarterly photoshoots.

I am located in Portland, Oregon (and can often be found out in nature, perched in a precarious position to get the perfect shot), but no worries if you are not. I will travel to you!

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